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About Us

Guaranteed services from licensed, bonded and insured HVAC specialistsFormerly known as Lee’s Heating & Cooling Corporation, we have been perfecting temperatures for both residential and commercial customers in the Las Vegas Area for over 12 years. We offer our repair, installation and maintenance services to residents of Las Vegas and Boulder City, NV.

While many of our long-term customers know us by our former name, we now go by Grade A Air Cooling & Heating. We chose this name because we offer nothing but “Grade A” treatment to each and every one of our valued customers!

As residents of Las Vegas, we understand the importance of having a fully-functioning cooling or heating system. During peak temperatures in the summer, having a working AC system is essential for your comfort inside your home or business. During the cooler months, we know that temperatures can drop — especially during nighttime. Believe it or not, even residents of Las Vegas benefit from having a quality heating system during the wintertime.

We are proud to be a local, family-owned business that is well-known in the Las Vegas Area for our fast response rate, competitive prices, exceptional workmanship and solid professionalism. Our customers often praise us for our timeliness, honesty, reliability and friendliness — all of which are key elements to our great reputation and local success.

Guaranteed services from licensed, bonded and insured HVAC specialists

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We pride ourselves on providing the best-quality heating systems for our Las Vegas residents. Whether you require an installation, repair or tune-up for your existing system, our experienced technicians will take your place from being chilly to being warm and cozy — especially during the colder months and nights.


In Las Vegas, we understand that cool, clean air conditioning is necessary for your health, well-being and relaxation. Our HVAC technicians will install, repair or tune-up your air conditioning systems to ensure quality airflow throughout your home.


Operating a commercial building is a whole lot easier with a fully-functioning cooling and heating system. Our HVAC team provides repair, installation and tune-up services that are specifically designed for your business. We guarantee that our systems will safely provide any heating or cooling required for your comfort.


Las Vegas day heat and colder nights can keep you from feeling comfortable in your home. Our HVAC team provides repair, installation and tune-up services that are guaranteed to have your heating or cooling unit working at full speed, as well as combat any daytime sweat or nighttime chills.

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