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Grade A Air

At Grade A Air Cooling and Heating Services, our mission is to keep businesses and homeowners in Las Vegas cool at all times. Any Las Vegas resident knows that for most of the year, our climate is hot, dry and can most certainly interfere with the comfort of your home or business if you don’t have a fully functioning AC system installed. Whether you require a repair of your existing AC system or are looking to install a new system, our “grade A” team has you covered!

When performing an air conditioning installation or repair, our team of fully qualified HVAC engineers work to the industry’s highest standards. As well as maintaining high safety levels, our specialists do their best to keep disruption to your home or business at an absolute minimum. Our team is well-known for its fast turnaround times, competitive prices and dedication to delivering exceptional customer service.

Our services also include:

  • Upgrades to more eco-friendly units upon request
  • A 10-year warranty on parts
  • 2 year labor warranty
  • Financing for new units
  • Free estimates on new units, as well as free quotes
  • Pricing discounts for seniors, military and single parents (please inquire for more details)

Repair Service

If you live in Las Vegas, a broken air conditioner can be a real hassle — especially during peak temperature times. In the case that your air conditioning system breaks down or malfunctions, our expert HVAC technicians offer speedy repair services that get it up-and-running again in no time.


If you require an installation of your new air conditioning system, our HVAC technicians will get everything connected and running in no time. We even provide upgrades to more eco-friendly units!

New Construction

Are you constructing a new room or property? Whether it is a home or a business, our experienced technicians can help with any required installation services for your air conditioning system.


Whether you require a repair, installation or tune-up for your home’s air conditioning system, our HVAC technicians are ready and able to help tackle any project, no matter the size or scale.


Whether you require an installation, repair or tune-up, our HVAC technicians will make sure that your business is kept warm during the cooler months.

The Problem With Dirt…

Over time, your air conditioning equipment can develop a buildup of dirt and debris. Not only does this mean your unit is working less efficiently, it ultimately leads to total breakdown. (And, in summer, that’s the last thing any of us want!)

Our maintenance plans are designed to meet the needs of your equipment and your budget so you can be confident that your equipment is running at its best. 

When Breakdowns Happen…

Breakdowns can and do happen. For homeowners, this can be a huge source of discomfort. However, for businesses, the effects can be more widespread. Industries such as food production, where cooling systems are fundamental to the manufacturing process, are most vulnerable. 

That’s why our team of skilled engineers is ready and able to deal with emergency repairs – wherever you are in the Las Vegas area. As well as being experienced on a wide range of systems, their vans are well-stocked with commonly used parts necessary for a high first-time fix rate.

Sometimes, repairs require more time. Rather than endure the heat, our customers can take advantage of a replacement unit to keep them cool until their original equipment is returned. 

For a no-obligation free quote or to find out more about our full range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services (including our repair and replacement options)

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